Will This be the Smartest Bike on the Road of Tomorrow?

The tech and design gurus from Italy's Samsung Maestros Academy project have just unveiled the Samsung Smart Bike—a bicycle engineered using smartphone technology to keep city bikers who, let's face it, pretty much hold their lives in their hands anyway, safer on the streets.

With actual laser beams (seriously, Dr. Evil) attached to the frames, these bikes can project virtual lanes on roads. Add to that Bluetooth, GPS tracking, and a rear-view camera to keep an eye on traffic, these guys might just be the solution to every two-wheeled tourist who clogs the street. Maybe. Probably not.

But still. Laser beams.

Ali Drucker is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor, and this is probably the only bike in the world that she wouldn't crash. Mock her relentlessly about that on Twitter @ali_drucker.