Of Course Japan Has A Hotel Staffed By Robots

In surprising news, the world's first hotel staffed by robots opened last month. In unsurprising news, it opened in Japan. The Henn-na Hotel in the Huis Ten Bosch amusement park in Nagasaki was designed to be as efficient as humanly (or mechanically) possible.

The hotel assumed the logical response wasn't to set up a few tablet stations and be done with it—they decided to teach some robots how to do a plethora of gigs around the building. Let's just hope that every robot movie we've ever seen doesn't turn out to be realistic, or we'll be the ones taking coats and orders once Judgment Day comes.  

Robots fulfill all of the essential hospitality roles in the hotel, from doorman to concierge. And if you thought working with a robot would be less awkward than the overly chipper elderly front desk employee, think again: that guy on the right is a dinosaur. Literally. 

Really. Why?

Once you're checked in, a robot can stow any unneeded baggage.

A robot porter will take your bags to your room. This is a definite improvement over a human counterpart—as long as they didn't program it to also engage you in meaningless small talk before shoving its hand in your face for a tip.

Traditional keys are abandoned in favor of facial recognition software to get you into your room. 

Each room has a tablet concierge program included...which never leaves you alone to relax.  

This is probably the only normal room in the entire building. 

The other front desk worker is less scaly, but still a bit off-putting. 

There he is again, talking some poor guest's ear off. 

Here it is, all lit up.

Fittingly, the name "Henn-na" tanslates to "strange hotel," so the people in charge know exactly what they've created. If you're looking to receive some robot hospitality, have your android butler reserve you a room.

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. His android butler is unfortunately on the fritz.

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