Turn Your MP3s Into Vinyl, And Spin Them Right Round Baby, Right Round

Published On 04/14/2015 Published On 04/14/2015
Jesse England

Artist Jesse England knows how fanatical modern-day vinyl lovers can be. And even though his Universal Record project is basically just a novelty, designed to tease those record lovers who just can't (and won't) let the past go, it's actually a superbly impressive device that allows users to import their MP3s onto a device that can be played on a record player, and mimics the authentic, fantastically vintage sounds of the old-school. 

Jesse England 

England uses a Bluetooth audio receiver, connecting an electromagnetic acoustic transducer that vibrates the needle (making sound), meaning it doesn't necessarily have to spin in order to emit those sweet grooves. Though, spinning the record will induce that lovely, fuzz-filled static every vinyl-head has loved since side one of Sgt. Pepper, which is key for the full experience.

Though this is just a stand-alone art project for now, here's hoping that the Universal Record will one day be a standard piece of equipment for audiophiles everywhere.



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