Meet June, The Super-Smart Oven Of The Future

Published On 06/09/2015 Published On 06/09/2015

To have all of your meals cooked to perfection without lifting a finger, you could enlist the services of an expensive private chef. Or, you could save a bunch of money while reaping most of the benefits with the new computer-based June, which perfectly (and automatically) roasts, bakes, or broils whatever you place in it without any assistance.


Roughly the size of a large toaster oven, June boasts a deceptively large 1 cubic foot capacity and is touted as a "computer-based oven that thinks like a chef." Based on the tech baked into it that doesn't seem like much of an exaggeration. It instantly recognizes commonly cooked foods when you put them in it, and adjusts the heat level and cooking times accordingly thanks to its oven safe core temp probes. You don't even have to worry about shutting it off when finished—it handles everything. 

Though if you want, you still have ultimate control and can manually override any time you want via the sleek touchscreen.


No need to wait around to see when it's time to flip the steaks or rotate your fillet, either. June's robust iOS app will keep you posted on progress, and allows you to peek inside from wherever you are in the house thanks to a built-in heat-proof camera. The whole rig's exterior is even safe to touch at max heat, unlike most fire-hazard toaster ovens that seem programmed to melt any plastic-wrapped bread loaf in sight.

You can reserve one for only $1,495 until July 10 right here.

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