Anonymously Leak Deep, Dark Personal Secrets; Ruin Lives

Published On 07/31/2014 Published On 07/31/2014
Leak secrets; ruin lives

People like to rattle on about how honesty is the best policy in life, and yes that's true. Sometimes. But sometimes, revealing brutally honest truths to friends, family, or coworkers comes with serious repercussions, as you may have noticed now that Bob in accounting won't even look at you ever since you told him he smells like sh*t.

Wouldn't it be better if you could just drop those bombs anonymously? Well, is making it frighteningly easy to do just that.

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If you need to get real with someone but don't have the guts to do it face to face, enter their email address, your relationship (friend, family, coworker, friend of a friend, or the hilariously elusive "someone"), compose the deep, dark missive, and voila, they'll receive a wonderfully straightforward email from a totally anonymous address with a subject line explaining who the news is coming from, in the vaguest terms.

The Supercompressor office has been using it for less than a day, and it's already proven quite useful, as you can tell from the screenshots below.

Of course nothing on the Internet is really anonymous and it is possible that a hacking ninja could quickly trace something back to you, but hopefully that won't happen. Also, don't use it to threaten people, bully, or encourage self harm, as the JLI team reserves the right to escalate law enforcement if they think there's a risk to someone. Play nice, people.

And if you'd prefer to remain neutral, you can still reap the benefits of other peoples' leakage, thanks to an email digest that they send out every Monday, compiling the best from the past week.

Joe McGaulely is a senior editor at Supercompressor. If you receive a Leak it's probably not from him. But it might be.



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