The Trapper Keeper Is Back

The '80s birthed plenty of trends we're all better off not resuscitating (looking at you, Zubaz), though there are a handful that will always be welcome to return. With that in mind, the nostalgic folks at accessory-maker Kensington have just unveiled a line of Trapper Keeper tablet cases.

Inspired by the original Mead school staple (featuring the iconic patterns and logo), the universal cases are designed to cover and prop up a variety of nine and ten-inch devices, our modern day spiral notebooks and paper folder-stash equivalent.

Besides the diminished heft, you'll also need to adjust to one missing iconic detail: the startlingly loud Velcro closure has been replaced with a magnet. Progress?

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor and wishes they would re-release the Trapper Keeper Designer Series.