360° Action Cam Proves Kodak's Still Got Some Game

Published On 10/31/2014 Published On 10/31/2014
Kodak's new camera
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Kodak—yes, they're still around—just came out with a new action cam that records a 360° view. Resembling a classic film canister, the PixPro SP360 has a little dome on the top, giving you a complete view. Its 16-megapixel camera records in a bunch of different modes, from standard front-facing wide-angle to 360° panorama or round modes, and even has a front/back mode so it can record simultaneously. Want stills? It can also shoot 10 fps at 10-megapixel resolution, which is pretty darn impressive, and you can connect it on your WiFi.

The idea here is that you might be able to get away with only one of these cameras without having a trio of GoPros or anything like that. Nice to see this old dawg learning a new trick.

Get one from NewEgg for $349.

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