Koss's New Bluetooth Headphones and Speaker Hit High Notes

Published On 10/09/2014 Published On 10/09/2014
Koss's new bluetooth headphones and speaker
All Photos: Koss

John Koss invented the first stereo headphone in 1958, and soon after, the Koss Corporation was born. Since then, they've created some of our favorite headphones, especially the Koss Porta Pro, which combine big sound and pocket-sized portability.

But despite Koss's standard vintage aesthetic, they're still doing stuff we love, incorporating Bluetooth in their new wireless headphone, the BT540i and their portable speaker, the BTS1.

The NFC-enabled BT540i still offers classic, phenomenal sound—refined over 56 years—but adds that Bluetooth capability. This means what? It means that for the duration of the eight-hour charge, a headphone cable isn't knocking your water all over your keyboard. (Speaking from experience here.) And if you don't charge the battery, no big deal; Koss supplies you with a standard stereo miniplug cable so you can listen wired.

As for the little jambox, it might not offer the sound of a UE Boom, but it's pocket-sized, making it invaluable for an impromptu dance party.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. He has re-soldered his Porta Pros a few times over the years. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.



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