Kramera: The Video App About Nothing

Technology has made it apparent that Seinfeld will never die. That's why we're so pumped on Kramera, the bizarre and simple app that lets you record videos à la Vine—except with the excellent addition of Seinfeld-esque music and titles.

We have to assume copyright infringement keeps these self-proclaimed idiots from legitimately using art or music from the show, but it's still fun. Naturally, we wanted to see if we could out-nothing the kings of nothing. The video below is proof that such an act is possible. 

By far, the best part about Kramera is the description in the App Store: "We're idiots. Become an idiot too with this idiotic app. Giddyup!"

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor of Supercompressor and was pretty shocked when he eventually found out what the contest was actually about.