Beep Beep: The Hottest Kickstarter Campaigns, 06/27/14

It’s Friday, people. Step up to the plate.


Status: $148,576 of $69,000 goal—FUNDED
Estimated delivery: January 2015
So much of the technology surrounding us can be a scourge to productivity, but this new hackable ticker may actually enhance it. The minimalist black box features a screen of pixelated LEDs and can be programmed to scroll top headlines, the current weather, your Facebook likes, stock prices, incoming emails, etc. Perfect for those seven minutes per day you’re not staring into your computer, phone, or tablet. 

The Craft Your Own Bitters Kit

Status: $12,818 of $50,000 goal
Estimated delivery: August 2014
Sure, you could settle for some run-of-the-mill Angostura bitters next time you’re mixing Old Fashioneds for your buddies, or, you could add a dash of your very own custom concoction crafted with this DIY bitters kit from Brooklyn’s Hella Bitter. Not to worry, newbies, it comes with all the guidance and tools you’ll need, including infusion bottles, aromatic and citrus spice blends, strainers, funnels, and dropper bottles. 

Range Oven Intelligence

Status: $62,416 of $250,000 goal
Estimated delivery: March 2015
For those of us who fear cooking food in our ovens as much as being supervised by an angry Gordon Ramsay, this new smarthome device should take the edge off. It’s a high-temp silicone thermometer that will not only show you the precise temp of whatever you’re cooking in real time on your phone, but will even send an alert if you’ve left the oven on longer than you intended. 


Price: $99
Status: $13,554 of $90,000 goal
Estimated delivery: February 2015
When you’re facing a sea of oblivious pedestrians and hyper-aggressive drivers, announcing your presence with a dainty metal bike bell is futile. So if you want to ensure they’ll scoot out the of way quickly, use this new headlight/digital horn combo which enables you to blare custom sound bites at a high volume while flashing high intensity LEDs. Bike lanes? We don’t need no stinkin’ bike lanes.

Recess Wallets

Status: $8,347 of $12,000 goal
Estimated delivery: October 2014
Alright, since no one else will give you the hard truth, here it is: your Costanza wallet has got to go. But downsizing doesn’t have to be painful, especially when you’re switching over to something as handsome as this line of slim and sleek leather card and cash stashes from wallet upstart Recess.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor whose pockets are rejoicing over his recently de-Constanza’d wallet.