Snapchat Update Will Now Charge You To Replay Snaps

You know how the whole point of Snapchat is that the pictures will disappear forever* after 10 seconds? That's just not enough for some people, apparently, because the app just introduced a new Replay feature so that users will be able to see up to three snaps a day over again.

Oh, you thought that this new recall power was just handed out for your benefit? Think again. The Replay feature will be available as an in-app purchase, starting at 99 cents for three replays -- which can only be used on a Snap one extra time each, so you should have your screenshot button ready if you're really into it. This will also be the first way that the app will charge consumers for its service, a huge move for the company after facing questions about its overall value with no real revenue model.

The new update also includes a new "Lenses" feature for selfies, as if people needed another reason to impulsively take pictures of themselves.

*until you pony up a dollar to see it again/they actually live forever on Snapchat's servers

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. You can be sure that he won't be using these features.

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