There Might Already Be A Problem With The New iPhone 6s Battery

Published On 08/28/2015 Published On 08/28/2015
Cole Saladino/Supercompressor 

The Apple Fall Keynote event date might be set, but that doesn't mean that iPhone 6s leaks aren't still coming in hot and heavy. This latest round of new info has good news and bad news. We'll start with the good: 9To5Mac reports that the new 6s display will be optimized to support the fluid, animated UI and wallpapers that Apple Watch users have come to know and love. Rather than a boring static display, users will get to spice up their phone with some colorful moving pictures. 

And now, the bad. According to MacRumors, the 6s will actually take a step back in its battery capacity. Apparently, both the 6s and 6s Plus' batteries will be downgraded -- the 6s down to 1715 mAh from the 6's 1800 mAh and the 6s Plus to 2750 mAh from the 6 Plus' 2910 mAh. Apple will of course claim to have increased the batteries' efficiency, but in an industry that prides each new release on being bolder, faster, stronger, and (at least in regard to specs) bigger, this seems illogical.

Tune in on Septemeber 9th (if your phone still has juice, of course) to find out if any of this is actually true when the new iPhone details are finally, officially released.

h/t 9To5Mac, MacRumors

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. He doesn't even know what to believe anymore.  

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