These (Unofficial) Game of Thrones LEGOs Are Ready For Winter

Game of Thrones is back, but only for a few short weeks. How are you supposed to get your GoT fix in-between seasons? No, not by reading the massive books. By playing with these LEGO Game of Thrones minifigs, duh!

Citizen Brick prints out awesome custom LEGO minifigs, and their "Dragon Sword Fighter Force" looks an awful lot like your favorite HBO show. In a non-copyright infringement way, of course. From Khal Drogo, to Tyrion Lannister, to a cute lil' terrifying White Walker, the gang is all here.

Just make sure to keep your Lannisters and Starks separated. The full set of a dozen custom printed minifigs is $220, and while their clothing won't come off as easily as it does on the show, [SPOILER ALERT!] all the heads and hands are removable. Just saying.

Evan Scott Schwartz is the Tech editor for Supercompressor. It's a nice day for a Red Wedding.