The New Leica Q Is A Compact Masterpiece

Published On 06/10/2015 Published On 06/10/2015

This just in from our pals at Leica: the camera masters are releasing a revolutionary new compact camera bridging the gap between casual picture takers and serious photography buffs. The Leica Q is a German-engineered beast that can take professional quality pictures anywhere, anytime. 


The Leica Q packs a boatload of performance specs into one compact package, catapulting it straight to the top of the pack of cameras you can carry around without looking like you should have a press pass. With the fastest lens in its class and an equally quick autofocus getting just the right image is never an issue, and its full frame sensor and lens means you'll get great pictures no matter the lighting, anywhere, any time of day. Full HD video recording and instant content sharing via built-in WiFi also marks a first for the German camera manufacturer.


If you're looking to take your scrapbooks and social media to the next level, the Q drops today at Leica retailers for $4,250. Snag one yourself and start taking the best pictures you've ever seen. 

Brett Williams is an Editorial Assistant at Supercompressor and his Instagram just got way better.

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