Let Netflix Roulette Pick What You Watch Next

One of the most substantial first-world problems plaguing our nation is the inability to choose something to watch on Netflix. A night of entertainment can quickly become filled with dread as you spend hours attempting to choose between that depressing documentary on prostitution, another episode of Bob's Burgers, or Mean Girls... again. Luckily, this problem has been recognized and solved with Netflix Roulette — an app that picks a TV show or movie for you to watch. Netflix Roulettes quells your indecisiveness, so you can focus on a whole new set of anxieties — like getting hooked on a new TV show... or childhood obesity. They also have a more advanced option where you can choose the genre and star rating... but maybe that's just getting too hands-on. 

Jeremy Glass can't wait to try this feature out the next time he signs onto his girlfriend's Netflix account.