Libratone's Live Speaker Is a Beast In Sheep's Clothing

While it could be mistaken for a cat scratch tower by the uninitiated, push it to the limit and the Libratone Live speaker will scare the sh*t out of any cat near it.

One of four unconventionally designed speakers from the Danish audio brand, the Live's wool-covered pillar shape is a great portable option for the city dwellers among us with little space to spare for a jumbo sound system. But make no mistake, it packs a mean punch thanks to a five-inch bass and two midrange drivers, plus dual ribbon tweeters. The output can be calibrated via the dedicated Libratone iOS or Android app to account for where it is in your room, adjusting acoustics based on wall proximity and height off the floor.

Making it even more convenient? It supports AirPlay, so you can stream in hi-def from all manner of devices no matter what room you're roaming around in. And it'll also get your wallet amped, as it's now priced at $550 — down $150 from its debut.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor for Supercompressor. He definitely pissed off a few neighbors testing this bad boy out.