Logitech's New iPhone Case Does Everything And Then Some

Seamlessly cobbling together all the best features of the greatest iPhone cases on the market, Logitech's new Case [+] is a workhorse that packs in everything from added battery power to an integrated mounting system into one handsome protective system, while barely adding any bulk.

The case features a foldable leather panel on its backside that serves as both a kickstand and tangle-free earbud wrap, a magnetic mount setup for secure mounting to your car's dashboard or windshield (via a special cylindrical attachment), and even a fabric card and cash stash, which essentially renders your pocket-busting wallet redundant.

But perhaps the most necessary feature — as any well-traveled iPhone owner is no-doubt aware — is the external battery pack setup, which clips right on the back when you need to a quick boost on the go.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor for Supercompressor. He has a mild panic attack every time the low battery warning pops up.