The Hottest Kickstarter Campaigns, 1/23/15

You're the kind of Friday I'd like to take home and meet my mother.

EZ Bacon

Status: $5,505 of $15,000 goal
Estimated delivery: April 2015
Your prayers have been answered. Here to cut down on the dreadful waiting time of cooking bacon on the stove top is EZ Bacon, a silicone tray designed for microwavable pork product perfection. This BPA-free kitchen gadget uses ridges to ensure your bacon is cooked evenly on both sides, delivering you a crispier finished product without stove-top grease splatter or messy clean up. *Drools*


Status: $12,001 of $42,000 goal
Estimated delivery: July 2015
Finally, a solution for irritating coworkers everywhere who constantly interrupt you at the office. A study at the University of California reported that after someone is interrupted, it takes a full 25 minutes for them to get back into their workflow. And if glaring at them was too subtle, you can low literally send them a signal that it's not a good time. A glorified traffic light for your laptop will display red or green, indicating you're busy or available. It's like the colored dot on Gchat. You can also program it to blink for incoming alerts or emails, so you never miss a beat even when you step away from your desk.

Poseidon Fully Waterproof Portable Charger

Status: $67,420 of $50,000 goal—FUNDED
Estimated delivery: July 2015
Behold the military-grade charger. Indeed, 8000 mAh of power gives it a full seven days of charge, on top of being completely dust and waterproof. The creators even tested it against a shotgun blast, and it lived to tell the tale. Dual USBs make it convenient to charge, and an attached caribiner means it's easy to bring Poseidon along wherever your adventures take you.

Freaker Feet

Status: $79,947 of $250,000 goal—FUNDED
Estimated delivery: May 2015
After a successfully funded line of wild, irreverent koozies and more, they're back to bring the freak to your feet. Choose from team mascots, personalized business logos, and even a T-Rex riding a bike. With over 127 patterns designed and produced in the USA, you'll never have an excuse to buy another eight-pack of plain white gym socks again. 

Perfect Burpee Workout Mat

Status: $16,075 of $20,000 goal
Estimated delivery: June 2015
For high-intensity workouts, traditional yoga mats won't cut it. Noticing that everything on the market would slip or tear if used for exercises like P90X or cross training, the designers decided to engineer a tougher product for tougher workouts. The Perfect Burpee is made from the same material as wet suits, will stand up to sneakers, and is wider than the standard mat, while still rolling up easily for compact travel. Get moving, people.

Ali Drucker is a staff writer for Supercompressor and will let you microwave bacon for her anytime. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.