Magnises: The Only Other Black Card You Need To Know About

One of the most impressive attributes about Magnises is how it sounds like a silver dinner plate hitting a linoleum floor when you throw it down on a table. The second, and most important, is how this thing works. Magnises links to your bank account via a magnetic strip and allows you to pay for anything like you would with any other card. 

Your typical black card promises, roughly, the same kinds of rewards as any other black card on the market. Airline miles, reduced ticket prices on sporting events... maybe even a free dinner if you're lucky. Magnises gets you all of the good stuff — plus the addition of their very own curated perks. These include invitations to top-tier restaurants, access to swanky cocktail parties, exclusive party invites, car service, free bottles of booze — and all without the wait.

It's still more than a card; it's a social club. The small group of members are made up of a hand-picked batch of people who are, when it comes down to it, really damn cool. It’s not about how much money you make, but rather what kind of person you are. Cardholders can socialize and schmooze at Magnises-sponsored events and get to know each other. Networking with strangers without the handicap of having nothing in common? That's a huge perk. 

The application process is admittedly difficult and applicants will typically go through four rounds of interviews before they're accepted... but the end game is where it’s at. Eventually they want to become the bank that trumps all other banks. In the meantime, it's a supremely awesome card with perks that just can't be ignored. Your move, BOA.

Jeremy Glass is the Supercompressor Vice editor and can't wait to eat cocktail shrimp in the Magnises Townhouse.