This Isn't Your Ordinary Portable Levitating Wireless Speaker

These days you can't turn a corner without bumping into a new portable wireless speaker, each promising to deliver even better sound quality than the last. But how many out there not only pump out incredible audio, but also float on f**king air? Well, there's at least one: the Mars.

With a cylindrical body, mimicking that of the UE Boom's (a Supercompressor favorite), its base serves as both subwoofer and charging station. By separating the woofer from the speaker, which levitates (via magnets) up top, the setup eliminates a great deal of sound-wave absorption into surrounding surfaces, thus offering a much richer 360-degree listening experience. Also, simply put, it looks cool as hell.

It'll tackle any situation you throw it into, also. With additional features that include a built-in high-sensitivity mic, a durable aluminum body that can power through rain or snow, and a water-resistance up to three feet, it's so much more than a very cool conversation piece.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He NEEDS to know how David Blaine "levitates".