Marshall's Handsome New Over-Ear Headphones

For a company that has specialized in sound for over 50 years, it was a no-brainer for Marshall Headphones to create the Marshall Monitor. Unlike their previous on-ear model the Major, the Monitor goes over the ear to provide a more comfortable fit for those of us who want to wear these for hours on end. Evoking the looks and spirit of their amps, the Monitor packs a mean punch into a highly stylized body with awesome studio-quality sound — so you can listen to your music the way it was meant be heard, and look good doing it.

With a non-bulky collapsible construction, detachable coil, vinyl leather, and stylish brass accents, the Monitor will make your ears feel damn handsome. For now, they're only available in classic black.

To take things one step further, the Monitor includes an F.T.F (Felt Treble Filter) system that allows you to personalize your sound experience with a removable ear cushion. Want a more laidback and warm sound? Keep the cushions on. Prefer your music brighter and clearer? Pop those suckers out.

Molly McGlew is the Social Media editor at Supercompressor. She doesn't listen to music, music listens to her. Follow Molly on Twitter @MollyMcGlew.