Marshall Just Dropped A New Bluetooth Speaker

Published On 05/13/2015 Published On 05/13/2015
Marshall Portable Speaker
Marshall Headphones

Marshall Amplification, the legendary company behind the iconic Marshall amps from every rock show you've ever been to, has joined forces with Marshall Headphones to create their first portable stereo speaker. The Marshall Kilburn is set to be your go-to speaker when you need to take the party on tour.

Marshall Headphones

The Kilburn retains the classic look of a Marshall amp or speaker, with high-quality vintage leather casing and a guitar strap-inspired handle, along with that iconic Marshall logo. It only weighs around seven pounds, so carrying it around won't be an issue. Marshall claims the portable, rechargeable battery is good for 20 hours at a time, so the party can go on for quite a while. The Kilburn is Bluetooth 4.0 enabled, and comes with a standard 3.5mm input good for just about any device.

The Kilburn launches in June 2015 at and retailers worldwide for $300.

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor, and no, he won't turn it down.



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