Marshall's Newest Speakers Take Your Tunes To 11

Marshall may have built its legacy as an audio powerhouse supplying rock's biggest acts with kick-ass amps and speaker cabinets, but they certainly aren't resting on their ever-reverberating laurels. Lately, they've been hard at work unleashing personal audio equipment like headphones and speakers for the rest of us.

The latest in their arsenal is the Woburn, a deceptively powerful new Bluetooth speaker packed into a compact, retro-style amp shell.

The middle brother (size-wise, in their trio of speaker options), this guy gives you a whole bounty of options to connect your devices—in addition to Bluetooth, there are RCA, optical, and 3.5mm cable inputs)—and will burst through whichever room you have it in with help from three amplifiers (two 20-watt plus one 50-watt) and a 5.25-inch woofer.

And while it's filled with the latest modern audio tech, the vintage feel of the packaging extends to the control panel, which is complete with gold metal knobs and a toggle switch. Who knows, you may even trick a few people into thinking you're an actual musician.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor and prefers listening to music at a volume bothersome to those near him.