Marshall Just Unleashed The Loudest Smartphone On The Planet

If you're sick of your phone's conspicuous lack of bass and bump, you're going to want to check this out. Legendary speaker and sound company Marshall just ventured into uncharted territory and announced the release of its very own smartphone, the Marshall London. Needless to say, it's going to be the loudest smartphone the world has ever seen.

The Android-powered handset is completely Marshallized, with a design that evokes that classic Marshall amp look. It has two front-facing speakers, two headphone jacks, a volume-controlling scroll wheel, and a specialized "M" button that gives you instant access to all of your music—you can have 128GB+ on tap at all times thanks to removable mini-USB storage. The phone, of course, comes preloaded with features to create your own tunes, including dual microphones and a special DJ app.

The London is available now for pre-order here to be delivered August 17. For as of yet unknown reasons, it's only being listed for 4,995 Swedish Krona—or about $585—but you can select the United States (or wherever you are—shout-out to international readers) from the drop down list below to sign up to be notified the minute it's available.

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