Marshall's Stanmore Brown: Big Sound in a Small Speaker

Published On 06/13/2014 Published On 06/13/2014

It's a painfully-overused expression, "Good things come in small packages," but Marshall's new 13-x-7-inch Stanmore Brown speaker outright proves the point. This compact, active stereo speaker is anything but subtle with its rich sound and ability to blast music without any loss in quality. 

With the ability to expertly play anything from the deepest bass to the highest treble, you can get the full listening experience while blasting Joy Division back-to-back with Mariah Carey. Not that anyone should ever do that.

There's a wealth of control with the Stanmore, as analogue interaction knobs put you in right in the middle of a symphony—a fully customizable symphony. Suck on that, Beethoven!

Oh, and there's more. So much more. Bluetooth capabilities allow you to connect with your phone, iPad, or computer. Plus, there's RCA input for the snobs out there who think (and know) how much better music sounds on a turntable, and an optical input for Apple TV.

Marshall's design is iconic, so all these newfangled knobs and dials are surrounded by a classic brown vinyl casing and vintage fret grille cloth. 

Quality is something this brand always nails too, so you'll find your music is clean and precise even at the highest levels. We don't want to stoop to the level of another cliche where we tell you to "turn it up to 11," but when in Rome... 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and remembers when the best speakers out there were the beige ones that came along with your Compaq computer. 



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