These Headphones Come With Their Own Zero Halliburton Attaché Case

When you're traveling luxury class, it's probably best if everything you're carrying fits in with your surroundings. To make sure your headphones meet such high standards, Master & Dynamic teamed up with Zero Halliburton to create a sufficiently luxe headphone package, the Master & Dynamic Halliburton Kit.     

The kit includes the case itself, a boom mic, headphone stand, and, of course, either MH30 On-Ear or MH40 Over-Ear headphones. The case has a simple, classic design with a three-number lock mechanism, while the headphones are all class, made from premium leather, steel, and aluminum. Order the set here for $700 for the on-ear option or $750 for the over-ear.

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. He carries everything in fancy aluminum cases.

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