This Brilliant Alarm Only Shuts Off When You're Out Of Bed

Published On 04/09/2015 Published On 04/09/2015
chipper alarm

No matter how loud it is, an alarm clock is really only as powerful as your self-control not to roll over and snooze it in perpetuity. That is, unless it's installed under your mattress and can only be shut off once you've gotten your ass out of bed. Meet the Chipper Alarm.


While it's still in the early stages of development, the prototype version suggests Chipper could very well break your crippling snoozing habit. The system includes a battery-powered, capacitive, sensor-packed strip that rests between your mattress and box spring/frame, and a Wi-Fi-enabled hub that syncs with your smartphone alarm.


You set a wake-up time on your alarm as you would normally, but once it goes off the only way to snooze the horrid siren is to do so when you've physically removed yourself from the mattress. And don't even think about trying to outsmart it, because it's programmed to start blaring again the moment you try and sneak back under the covers.



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