Your New iPhone Dock Is A Bowl Of Ramen

At first glance this gut-wrenching sight would usually mean frantically raiding your cabinets for a bag of rice or searching for a last minute Genius Bar appointment. But what looks like your worst dining nightmare is actually a hyper-realistic, plastic phone and tablet dock in the form of everyone's favorite lunchtime staple, ramen. Sure, why not.

Straight from Japan's masterminds who have a tendency to put fake food on things that don't really need fake food, you can now store your smartphone in a hand-painted bowl brimming with ramen, simultaneously confusing absolutely everyone.

It's sized for iPads and tablets as well, naturally.

This particular broth is dripping with authenticity, complete with barbecue pork slices, chuka soba, spinach, boiled egg, bamboo shoots, and a specialized groove to fit your devices, but probably not your dignity.

Ali Drucker is the editorial assistant for Supercompressor. Her mom made her stop eating Top Ramen in middle school, after a doctor said it had "the nutritional value of cardboard." Follow her on Twitter and Instagram, where she's still kind of bitter about it.