Change Your Wall Art On Command With These Framed Digital Canvases

Published On 04/09/2015 Published On 04/09/2015
meural digital canvases

You could spend your life savings on a few world-class pieces of art, or you could save that cash and instead hang one of Meural's new digital canvases, which allow you to instantly switch up the art they display on a whim via your phone, without dropping a mint on the real-life equivalent.


Each one of the framed pieces features a 1080p, 27-inch Wi-Fi-connected screen, complete with ambient light sensors that create a picture vivid enough to convey even the slightest imperfections you'd find on an original. Once you've grown tired of staring at whatever's displayed, you can switch it up to something fresh from their subscription-based catalog of high-quality pieces—including a selection of masterpieces and emerging art—from the company's app.

You even have the power to upload custom photos and other work from your phone, cropping and touching up to suit the space they're in.



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