Wait: The Microsoft HoloLens Is The Freaking Future

What happens when you move beyond virtual reality? Microsoft is ready to create a whole new category of cognition later this year when it drops the HoloLens, introducing "mixed reality" and bringing the digital world into the real one. Anticipating the release of the HoloLens, developers are having an absolute field day imagining everything they might be able to do with a whole new type of awareness.

The device creates "mixed reality" by projecting 3D images into your field of vision while you wear it. The images can be manipulated by the user, creating an entirely new plane of interaction. The possibilities of what you can do are endless—check out these videos to see how people are already living in a mixed reality. 

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YouTube/Microsoft HoloLens
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YouTube/Daniel Meyer
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Microsoft hasn't announced any release details for the HoloLens yet, but the project is associated with Windows 10, which is set to drop this fall. Hopefully by then we'll all be able to take a trip into mixed reality.