Turn Any Watch Into A Smartwatch With This Strap

There's a clear consensus in the world of watches—smartwatches will never replace the classic mechanical masterpieces. To so many people, a watch isn't about modern technology—it's about doing a few simple things elegantly without a battery. Though most people will never test their Omega's 200-meter depth rating or be without access to watch batteries for the next 40 years, there's a certain comfort we all take that if we needed to dive under water for forty years, we damn well could.

Unlike Apple, Samsung, LG, and everyone else, Montblanc actually understands watches, so its new smartwatch isn't actually a watch—it's a watch band.

A Blog to Watch, which broke the news, says that the NATO-style watch band, known as the "e-Strap," will feature a tiny 0.9-inch monochrome OLED screen. While it has the no-frills, subtle look that anyone who likes watches will appreciate, it can do all the things you'd want in a smart watch—texts, calls, notifications, calendar info, etc—via Bluetooth 4.0.

But Montblanc isn't stopping there. The little e-Strap is going to have an activity monitor function, tracking your movements.

This subtle turn is where tech should be heading in the future. We'll let you know when we get a release date. Montblanc is releasing it on their new Urban Speed watches, but you'll be able to get it for your own watch for around $300.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. He has no idea how many steps he's taken today, and that's fine. Follow him on Instagram.