The $17K Apple Watch isn't the Most Expensive Apple Product You Can Buy

During all the Apple buzz in the past few days, people mused on the fact that Apple will now be selling a $17,000 product—the full 18-carat gold Apple Watch with matching gold-clasped band. But as Re/code tech guru Walt Mossberg pointed out, the Apple Watch isn't actually the most expensive thing Apple product ever sold. That honor goes to the Mac Pro.

Just for fun, we decided to see how much we could get a Mac Pro to cost, fully spec'd out. The base price is $2,999 for the "entry-level" version and $3,999 for the upgrade. Perfect place to start but far away from the Apple Watch.

Upgrade to 12-core processor, sure. 64 gigabytes of memory, why not? A terabyte of flash memory? Hope it'll be enough. Graphics card? While we're at it, what's another $600...

At the end of this ridiculous exercise in dream computing, we long-jumped past the Apple Watch to $20,551.93, having said yes to absolutely everything we were offered including a 4K monitor and comprehensive backup solution.

While almost no one will ever actually click "checkout" with all that in the cart, it's likely that that amount of processing speed, memory, and performance would actually survive many times longer than your MacBook before going obsolete. So it's probably a much better deal than a $17,000 gold iPhone for your wrist.

Take that Apple Watch.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is the Deputy Editor at Supercompressor. He has a black MacBook from 2008 that needs a cane. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.