The New Moto X Just Put Apple And Samsung On Notice

If Motorola has its way, there's about to be a major shakeup within the smartphone hierarchy.

At today's Moto X event in New York, the brand announced its newest flagship device, the Moto X Pure (or Style, for foreign markets). With a ridiculous two-day battery life (!) and unique, direct-to-consumer sales method, one thing is clear: Motorola clearly has its sights set on Apple and Samsung's phone throne.

The Moto X Pure has improved across the board, compared to last year's model. The screen size jumped from 5.2, up to 5.7 inches, with a quad HD display. Consistent with other earlier versions, the device's design is fully customizable—a big draw for consumers weary of only having two or three colors to choose from. 

Where the Pure really stands out: its charging speed is up to 50% higher than most everything else out there, and it has a mindbogglingly sharp 21-megapixel camera. A big draw, considering battery life and camera quality are two major selling points for smartphones this generation. 

The biggest news here, though? Motorola is selling the Pure direct to the consumer for $399. Yeah, you can typically pick up an iPhone or Galaxy at that price point—after signing a two-year contract, of course.

The Pure's open LTE compatibility means that you can buy the unlocked phone yourself and then choose your network, a major move in the phone wars.

You can register with Motorola for updates on when you'll be able to order one. Would you be willing to make the switch?

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