5 New Apps Guaranteed to Improve Your Social Life

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It’s your worst nightmare: all your friends are Snapchatting photos at the bar, then they hit up bowling, and went to that new pizza place you’ve been dying to try. You would have gone with them, but you silenced your phone at work when the group chat got out of control. Then you fell asleep on your couch watching Friends reruns on a Friday night.



Who It’s For: The people pleaser.
What It Does: When you have a large friend group, finding something to do that everyone agrees on is a near impossible task. Luckily Tossup, a Microsoft Garage project, makes planning a dinner or weekend camping trip ten times less annoying than your standard group text. The app uses a unique polling system to ensure everyone has a say in what you’re doing, making everyone happy and you seem like a super genius.

Bottom Line: You'll please everyone without getting 10,000 notifications from a group text. Hallelujah.


Who It’s For: Social butterflies who have a lot of friends wrapped up in relationships.
What It Does: Being the third wheel is tolerable at first, but after a month of crashing date night, things get a little depressing. Actually, things get a lot depressing. Do you really want to sit and watch your two enamored best friends spoon feed each other bolognese for the 17th weekend in a row? No. God no. That's where Wiith comes in.

The meetup-esque app allows nearby people with shared interests to hang out for a random adventure. You can message people directly based on what they want to do -- brunch? movie? interpretative dance performance? -- and make new friends in the process.

Bottom Line: Meet new people you have things in common with without the pressure of online dating (and the ubiquitous booty calls attached to that right swipe).

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Who It’s For: FOMO-phobics.
What It Does: Is there anything worse than FOMO? Besides maybe famine and natural disasters (we guess?). When you're torn between seeing your favorite band, hanging at a street festival, or going to a whisky tasting, making a concrete decision will be your demise. But with the help of Nightstir, all of your disjointed ambitions can become attainable.

Nightstir is everything your group chat can’t keep up with: your friends’ nightly whereabouts. Keep track of where your friends are throughout their Saturday night and see when their locations change so you can figure out where you want to find (stalk) them next. While the app is currently Milwaukee-centric, the company has plans to go nationwide just in time for summer.

Bottom Line: If you want to go see that new Avengers movie, hit up a mini rave, get late night pizza, and go bowling for an hour, you're going to need this app.


Who It’s For: Restless peeps with severe ADD.
What It Does: Picking what you want to do on a Saturday night can be a difficult task. So difficult, that it leaves you deciding not to go out at all. But with this event GPS, you'll have enough cool options to choose from that you won't be able to turn down a night out.

Nightlife conveniently puts every local happy hour, concert, bar deal, and sweet event at your fingertips. It also allows you to connect with friends, providing them with details on your outing so they can join in on the fun.

Bottom Line: Never get bored, meet a bunch of awesome people along your journey, and do it all over again the next day with a new event.



Who It’s For: Gym rats who can never find a friend to GTL with.
What It Does: Like Tinder for spotters, WellSquad matches fitness enthusiasts with similar goals. Because who wants to hit the gym alone these days? That sounds worse than actually working out.

Through a series of questions, users are able to describe their gym needs while explaining what they’re looking for in a gym partner. From there a squad is born and you have no choice but to attend that boxing class you've been putting off for the last three years.

Bottom Line: Get the motivation you need to get off the couch and the body you want in the process. Solid deal.