Amazon's Offering Early Black Friday Discounts Right Now

Published On 11/01/2016 Published On 11/01/2016
amazon prime black friday sales
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Now that Halloween is behind us, the enthusiastic countdown to Thanksgiving has begun -- partly because of the food, family, and touch football, but mostly because of the sick discounts that come afterwards on Black Friday. And since Amazon is expert at knowing exactly what you want before you want it, the e-retailer's gotten into the discounting spirit early with its Countdown to Black Friday event. It's offering hundreds of daily sales in the weeks leading up to the post-Thanksgiving shopping spree.

Here's a cherry-picked handful of our favorite deals. Grab them before they're gone, and check back each weekday for updates!

Best deals right now

Expired deals

Screenshot via Amazon

Alexa-exclusive deals

In addition to the standard slew of daily deals, Amazon's offering a handful of discounts only available to people ordering through its digital assistant Alexa. If you happen to own an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or one of the latest Fire TV Sticks, just say, "Alexa, order a (insert product name)" and you'll get a discount on items ranging from smart watches and rice noodles to label makers and Garth Brooks CDs. Thanks, America!

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