Amazon Is Offering Thousands of Deals Today for Prime Day

Published On 07/12/2016 Published On 07/12/2016
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There are a boatload of good reasons to be an Amazon Prime member 365 days a year. But July 12th -- that's today! -- it will be especially advantageous. Get ready, people, it's Amazon Prime Day!!!! To celebrate, we're updating this article all day long to keep track of the latest and greatest deals as they go live. 

For its second annual holiday, Amazon is promising a blowout with over 100,000 deals in 24 hours, exclusively for Prime members. While it didn't announce any sales in advance, Amazon teased it'll be offering twice as many deals on TVs as it offered on Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. 

Amazon is revealing new discounts every few minutes throughout the day on thousands of items -- including plenty of weird and wonderful fare as well as a few that can only be unlocked by Alexa on the Amazon Echo -- but these rotating "lightning sales" expire and won't last all day. 

The best deals on Amazon, right now (check back for updates):

We're keeping this list updated every hour with the coolest discounted items, so keep checking back:

Want more? Don't go in unprepared -- arm yourself with this handy guide and go forth into Prime paradise.

If you don't have Prime already, sign up for a free 30-day trial

If you don't have Prime yet, no judgment, but what are you doing with your life? Luckily, first-time subscribers get a 30-day free trial. That means you can cash in on the savings, then cancel your subscription without a penalty if you don't want to pay the $99 annual fee.

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Download the Amazon app and turn on notifications

For Prime Day, the Amazon app is going to be your spirit guide. Since there's no official schedule to the deals, one strategy is to keep checking in periodically to see what's featured. Adjust your settings so that you don't miss out on any important announcements -- open the app, go to Settings > Notifications, and switch on "Your Watched & Waitlisted Deals."

Add specific items to your Wish List and get notified when they're discounted

If you've ever grocery shopped on an empty stomach, you know going in with a list is crucial. The same logic applies for Amazon Prime Day. Cobble together a list of everything you're in the market for, find those particular items, then add 'em to your Wish List (tap "Add to List" under the "Buy" button). If and when an item on your Wish List is discounted during Prime Day, you'll receive an immediate push notification on your phone so you can jump on the deal (see above to make sure you've turned notifications on for "Watched & Waitlisted Deals"). 

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Scope out upcoming deals and get alerts when they go live

Amazon gives a preview of forthcoming discounts via the "Today's Deals" tab. To scope things out, open the app and select "Today's Deals" from the drop-down menu in the upper-lefthand corner. Then, filter by Amazon Prime-eligible items, and tap the "Upcoming" tab at the upper middle of the page. If you're even remotely interested in something you see, go ahead and tap "Watch this deal." You'll simply get a notification when the deal goes live. 

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Ask Alexa about secret Prime Day deals

The full catalog of 100,000-plus deals includes some that can only be unlocked by asking Alexa and ordering with your voice. If you're a Prime member with an Echo, Echo Dot, or Tap, scope out some of the Alexa exclusives on this special landing page, and ask her throughout the day, "What are your Prime Day deals?" to find out about any other hidden discounts. We'll be doing the same and keeping you updated. Today, you'll also get an additional $10 off your first purchase made via Alexa (as long as it's over $20).

Shop the competition at Best Buy and Wal-Mart

Prime Day may be Amazon's holiday, but other big retailers aren't taking it sitting down. Wal-Mart is offering a free shipping, while Best Buy is competing with its own massive price cuts. The good news is you can find out instantly whether Amazon's prices are indeed the lowest using the PriceBlink browser extension. Every time you pull up a product page, a yellow bar will pop up letting you know where else it's available online, and for how much. It's one of our many favorite online-shopping hacks.

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