James Bond has the advantage of not having to shop for much. Gadgets and guns appear on demand and supercars present themselves at the most opportune times. But what if Bond actually had to buy his own kit? We think he’d obtain this choice array of stuff. Even if you aren’t a special agent, here are the gadgets, goods, and gear that will give you a leg up on your friends and enemies. And because there are 24 films, we picked 24 items. And you thought 007 was clever! 

Turing Robotic Industries

1. Turing Phone

Price: $610
Bond rocks a Sony phone onscreen, but if you’ve got covert things to say, perhaps you should go with the Turing. The handset (underneath the waterproofed “liquid morphium” shell) uses a decentralized authentication scheme that relies on a private key for extra security. If 007 Snapchats, it's with this.

Asus VivoStick PC/Facebook

2. Asus VivoStick PC

Price: $TBD
No covert Secret Service agent lugs a laptop -- the VivoStick is a full-powered, big-boy PC with legit specs: it’s powered by an Intel Cherry Trail Atom processor, can run Windows 10, and has USB 2, 3, and Bluetooth connections. To use it you just plug it into the HDMI port of a HDTV or monitor... and then, uh, really hope someone has a keyboard.


3. Yuneec Typhoon G Drone

Price: $900
How would Bond survey a scene in the real world, 2015? Probably with the Typhoon G quadcopter. It flies for 25 minutes, and has a 3-axis gimbal that stabilizes a GoPro for velvety smooth footage. Coolest part? The remote control’s 5.5” screen can show live video via a video downlink module built into the drone. And a “watch-me” mode ensures Bond stays in his shot.

Aston Martin

4. Aston Martin Vanquish

Price: $280,000
Bond drives an Aston Martin DB10 in Spectre, but those aren’t actually in production -- dude couldn’t buy one. Were he to purchase an Aston at retail like a common farmer, it's gotta be the Aston Vanquish, which at $280K (actually a very rich farmer) is Aston’s ridiculously sexy, V12-powered grand tourer.


5. Omega Seamaster Limited Edition Aquaterra

Price: $7,350
The Omega Seamaster Aquaterra wears a stately indigo dial, 41.5mm across, with a stainless steel case and band. The best part can be seen through its caseback -- the self-winding watch is patterned after a gun barrel (badass). Of course the Aquaterra goes deep: it’s waterproof up to 150 meters.

Tom Ford

6. Tom Ford Henry Vintage Wayfarer FT0248 Sunglasses

Price: $405
What does Bond protect his precious eyes with? These retro-styled sunnies from Tom Ford. (You can see them in the trailer for Spectre.)

Panono Panoramic Ball Camera/Facebook

7. Panono

Price: $1,697
For something that sounds suspiciously like an off-brand pressed Italian sandwich, the Panono is straight out of a spy flick. Less than 5 inches in diameter, the devices carries an array of 36 fixed-focus lenses. Toss the Panono up in the air and it captures shots from each lens at the apex of its flightpath, then stitches the images into a 108-megapixel image.

Billy Reid

8. Billy Reid Bond Peacoat

Price: $695
A double-breasted classic that will make any man look more put together than they actually are. Since the details count for any decent spy, the Italian-made coat features horn buttons and leather undercollar.


9. Honda CRF250R Dirt Bike

Price: $7,599
You basically spend the first 20 minutes of Skyfall watching Bond use his insane dirt bike skills to pilot the machine over roofs and trains. (Fact: You’re actually watching freestyle motocrosser Robbie Maddison.) The bike? It’s Honda’s 250R, a 250CC dirt bike loaded with tons of tech, like an air fork suspension and an engine-mode select button that remaps the throttle according to riding conditions.

Cocktail Kingdom

10. Usagi Cobbler Shaker

Price: $40
Whether you have a license to kill or a license to operate a commercial forklift (nice certification, buddy!) a tumbler is required barware. This Usagi number is a highly rated, spill-resistant 800ml unit made of 18/8 stainless steel that's designed to come apart easily after you’ve shaken, not stirred, your drink.


10.5 Belvedere 007 Silver Saber

What good is a high-class shaker or crystal martini glass without vodka that lives up to the Bond-level gadgetry? With a sleek design to honor 007, the Belvedere 007 Silver Saber is truly the bottle for Mr. Bond -- or any of his fans.


11. Bluesmart Connected Luggage

Price: $399
Bond travels light, but even he's not immune to lost luggage. Bluesmart has onboard location tracking, a built-in scale, a battery charger, and a digital lock. Coolest feature: it’ll tell you how many miles you (and your stuff) have traveled.


12. H&M Wool-Blend Turtleneck Sweater

Price: $39.99
Taking a page out of the book of a fellow, more animated spy, Bond rocks the tactleneck in Spectre. In the film, Bond wears one from N. Peal, London, but you can steal the look on the cheap from H&M.


13. Dorset Martini Glasses

Price: Set of 4, $120
The rule: shaken, not stirred. The unspoken part: Bond’s martini should be poured into English crystal barware. Even if you’re not a British special agent, these stems will give your tippling the distinguished touch it deserves.


14. Matchless Craig Blouson Jacket

Price: $1,390
Bond also dons this cleaned-up, classic motorcycle jacket in Spectre. Note the form-fitting silhouette and super soft suede. If you want to feel worthy though, better get your moto license before rocking it.


15. Danner Mountain Light II

Price: $350
While most of Bond’s getup comes from British brands, he reportedly dons these Portland-built boots for cold-weather scenes. U-S-A! U-S-A! We understand why, as the Mountain Light IIs are nearly bombproof, with watertight stitch-down construction and rugged Vibram outsoles.


16. Mulberry Day Glove in Black Deerskin

Price: $350
Isotoners these ain’t. Bond reportedly wears mitts from luxe UK brand Mulberry in Spectre. The Day Glove’s deerskin leather is made to look better as they wear with age, and the interior of the Italian-made gloves is silky smooth cashmere. Of course, their low-profile design makes gripping a Walther super easy.


17. Bushnell 4X 50MM Equinox Z Binocular

Price: $480
To up your spy game, pick up these searingly sharp night vision binoculars, which work during the daytime too. In the dark, infrared rays reveal the scene you’re scoping and images can be saved to an SD card -- please use these powers for good and not creepiness.

Crockett & Jones

18. Crockett & Jones Camberley Boots

Price: $840
On the other end of the fashion/function spectrum from Bond’s burly Danners are these dressed-up, double-buckled, monk strap boots by Crockett & Jones. Craig’s Bond dons the English cap toes in a scene with a funeral for one of the rare characters who dies in a Bond film and isn't murdered by the protagonist.


19. Minox DCC 14.0

Price: $189
Sure, a spy cam should be unseen (and unheard), but this Bond-worthy miniature shooter is worth showing off. Though it has the form of a classic German rangefinder, the Minox Digital Classic Camera has impressive digital internals, including a 14-megapixel sensor with the ability to record video. To complete the old-school look, it’s got an optical viewfinder.


20. OpenROV Trident Underwater Drone

Price: $TBD
Bond has an impressive history underwater (see his Lotus Esprit submarine car in 1977’s The Spy Who Loved Me.) So we’re pretty sure he’d be into the OpenROV Trident. The compact unit features three thruster motors and an HD video camera. A tether will stream data to the surface. Its makers estimate the OpenROV drone will ship in late 2016.

Onean Carver/Facebook

21. Onean Carver

Price: $3,906
The battery-powered board utilizes a 440-watt motor and a water pump to surf on flat water -- no waves required. Its top speed is less than 10 miles per hour, but that will feel speedy enough when you’re making a cinematic midnight escape across your neighbor's pool.


22. Microsoft Hololens

Price: $TBD
If Bond really walked the earth with we civilians, he’d likely be pretty stoked for the introduction of Microsoft Hololens (still a couple of years off). Essentially, it's a headset computer that generates holograms you can interact with. You should be able to use it to watch live sports, play games, or, if you’re Bond, case virtual buildings and check Moneypenny's Instagram.

Bang & Olufsen

23. Bang & Olufsen Beolab 90 Speakers

Price: $40,000
Their wild design conceals 18 speaker drivers, each with its own amp, totaling 8,200 watts. Not sure that Bond would play the Sam Smith theme song from Spectre through them, though. It’s uncool to blast your own theme song, right? On second thought, if you have your own theme song, then you’re cool enough to do any damn thing you want.

Tom Ford

24. Tom Ford O’Connor Suit

Price: Varies
The secret to Bond’s sleek look: Tom Ford’s close-fit, straight-shouldered streamlined suits... and being incredibly handsome at all times. The O’Connor was made for Skyfall and has become a ready-to-wear staple for men on the move, such as Jimmy Fallon, who’s the kind of medium handsome we can all realistically aspire for.



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