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The Coolest Features of the New Samsung Notebook 7 Spin

Illustrations: Mark Yocca Photo: Daniel Restrepo

Reading over a laptop’s specs can sometimes look like a deranged version of Tolkien’s Elvish, especially if you’re not all that technically inclined. But, not understanding everything your laptop can do usually means you miss out on some of its most awesome perks. That’s why we took an in-depth look at Samsung’s new Notebook 7 spin, a convertible computer that’s both a laptop and  tablet, and broke down it’s most interesting features into a way that’s actually digestible. Here’s all the things this new laptop/tablet (or Laplet? Toptab?) can do:

Screen: Suicide Squad from Warner Bros. Photo: Daniel Restrepo

It can be your ultimate binge-watch device

If you’ve ever had to contort yourself into seven poorly executed yoga poses to get through a movie you’re watching on your laptop, you’ll be relieved that the Samsung Notebook 7 spin was basically designed with the binge-watcher in mind. You can just rotate the laptop’s display into its stand or tent mode for hands (and lap) free movie nights. If you also want a better picture (and who doesn’t?) you can hit the function key and F10 to turn on Samsung’s Video HDR mode, which will sharpen contrasts while making colors and textures vibrant. You’ll see the biggest difference in visibility for darker/grittier films when in the Video HDR mode.

It can be the hub for all your multimedia

Just because you bought a 4K display doesn’t mean you can just hook up any laptop to it and get true, 4K, ultra-high definition resolution. That’s because most laptops aren’t equipped to properly handle outputting a 4K video from your computer to a 4K TV or monitor, and will therefore compromise quality. But, thanks to a powerful graphics card in the 15" models and a USB-C output that comes standard on all, the Samsung Notebook 7 spin can. That means that any 4K video you’ve shot yourself and uploaded, a 4K Youtube video, or a 4K game, can be displayed with a simple adapter. Oh, and speaking of storing all that stuff, it shouldn’t be a problem: The Notebook 7 spin has a 1TB hard drive, which is enough space for 500 hours of movies. (Which may be too much for one binge, just our personal advice.)

It boots up in six seconds

Life is too short to waste valuable minutes on things like waiting for your computer to boot up --  there’s just too much internet to browse. And thankfully, that’s over with the Notebook 7 spin. The high-end 15.6in model comes with a 128 GB solid-state hard drive, or SSD, which is where the operating system, (or OS, for you techies) boots from. If that sounds like gibberish to you, here’s an explainer: the hard drive in most computers uses tech that’s been around since the ‘70s. It’s got glass discs in it that rotate and eventually wear out. An SSD is more like the SD card you put in your camera -- it’s quiet and Superman speedy. And while that SSD only comes with some more expensive models, those devices that don't have it (the standard 15-inch and 13-inch) are prepped for that upgrade if you want to make it. 

Screen: The Sims from Electronic Arts Inc. Photo: Daniel Restrepo

It handles your video games

Gamers know that most laptops just aren’t equipped to render a video game with the same precision from a gaming desktop. Quality is often compromised because it doesn’t have a fast-enough processor, or a high enough quality graphic card. On the 15.6in model of the Notebook 7 spin, you’ll have a Core i7 processor, which is one of the best processors for handling games, in addition to a graphics card that will make your games pop. That’s helpful for not just PC games, but also those for your Xbox One, because Windows 10’s new Xbox app can steam them right to this laptop. You can literally get your game on in any room in the house ... or in a cafe, or maybe even the office (if you're stealthy.) 

... And your art

Besides handling video games, that big fancy processor also has another benefit for the more artistically-inclined: smoothly running editing software. If you’ve ever tried to run Photoshop on an older laptop, you know it’s a slow, painful process. Not so on the Notebook 7 spin, thanks to the Core i7 processor on the larger models. Also, the Windows app store has lots of options to literally make the tablet a canvas, like Fresh Paint or Artrage Touch. Maybe that fine arts degree wasn't a total waste? 

It can charge nearly as fast as your cell

Now that we’re used to our phones being able to get a quick charge in just a matter of minutes, having a laptop take hours to charge can be a real pain. So, it makes even more sense that your laptop should need as little time tied to your outlet as possible. The larger models of the Notebook 7 spin can get two hours of battery life with just a quick 20-minute juice up, and a full charge takes only 90 minutes. The smaller models take 100 minutes to fully charge. Depending on what you’re doing, that could last up to 9 hours. That’s a lot of time no longer wasted fighting over an outlet at the local Starbucks, which is better for everyone.

It will sync up with your phone, whatever the brand

Just because you have an iPhone doesn’t mean it will only pair with a Mac, or an Android won’t properly sync up to a PC. Everyone seems to be playing together in the virtual sandbox a bit more these days. Windows 10 has a built-in phone companion app that, with the download of a few apps, make all your content on your device available on the Notebook 7 spin. But, if you do have a Samsung phone, you’ll get even more connected to this computer: Samsung has rolled out a new peer-to-peer wifi sharing platform that works seamlessly between your phone and Samsung laptop, making it crazy easy to send photos, notes, or contacts from your phone to computer -- no cord required. Now that’s some spooking magic.  

It still can’t make your coffee in the morning, though -- maybe version 8?