This Genius A.I. Game Can Guess Whatever You Draw

Remember that mobile game Draw Something, where you attempt to draw various scenes/figures for people, and they have to guess it within a time limit? Well, Google's released a new game that's remarkably similar, with one big twist: instead of other people guessing your drawings, it's a computer.

Quick, Draw! is one of Google's newly released A.I. Experiments, developed for the purpose of demonstrating machine learning and neural networks through interactive exercises, and it actually works shockingly well... for the most part. The A.I. rattles off guesses on the bottom of the screen while you draw whatever random thing comes on the screen, which can range from the straightforward (cat, houseplant) to the more conceptual (animal migration?!).

You've only got 20 seconds of drawing time, but depending on how abstract the thing you're drawing is, the A.I. frequently gets the right answer before you're even finished -- unless you happen to pull something totally abstract, or you're just a really bad artist.

That said, the game learns from each drawing you make, so even your worst attempts end up assisting it in learning and adapting to the way people depict different things. After you've completed six rounds, it'll also tell you what it thought your drawing actually looked like, and provide you with some successful examples drawn by other people.

Like Draw Something, the game is a fantastic time-suck that's remarkably addictive given how simple it is. Unlike Draw Something, it won't result in you becoming irrationally upset at your friends because they couldn't guess your sweet depiction of a Dodo bird.

Gianni Jaccoma is an editor for Thrillist, and he's really awful at drawing with a trackpad. Follow his failed illustrations on Twitter @gjaccoma