Google's New Photo-Scanning App Will Help Your Old Pictures Live Forever

photoscan app by google

Storing and organizing all the pics you take on your phone or digital camera has never been easier. But what about your precious Polaroids and hilariously bad 4x6 prints from countless disposable cameras? If you're the sentimental kind who's been waiting for a better way to digitize your #throwbackthursday archives, the good folks at Google have just unveiled PhotoScan. It's a new app that quickly scans and digitizes high-quality versions of your old Kodak moments, so you can instantly retrieve them from your photo roll and keep them safe in the cloud.

The new standalone app -- which is totally free, and available on both iOS and Android -- lets you capture high-res digital versions of your embarrassing baby pics, old-school family portraits, and any photos detailing your parents' crimes against fashion. Best part is, there's no obnoxious glare or shadowy edges like you get when you try to shoot them with your phone camera.

You snap a pic of the printed photo to determine the edges of the frame, and then the app overlays little white dots in each corner of the image, which you then trace with the camera until the image is scanned four separate times. PhotoScan then splices together all four of those scans to create a robust composite, automatically color-corrected, cropped, and free of any glare or distortion.

With a tap, you can save them to your device, upload them to your Google Photos account to keep 'em organized, or instantly share via a third-party app like Instagram. With all that #TBT gold, you'll wish every day was Thursday.

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Joe McGauley is a senior writer for Thrillist with a ton of #badhaircut #TBT options.