How Durable Are the New iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus?

The new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus only just hit stores on Friday, but as with previous iterations, people have already posted videos of themselves damaging, destroying, and bending the expensive phones, because effectively setting hundreds of dollars on fire is a great time. Or something like that.

While the overall look of the new phones is the same as last year's models, Apple said it used harder aluminum and stronger glass this time around, which could increase durability. With that said, Keaton Keller of the YouTube channel, TechSmartt, got his hands on both an iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus in Australia and promptly put them to the test. A drop test that is. In the video, Keller drops the phone like you would in real life situations -- from pocket height, ear height, and finally, from above the head (selfie height?). Both phones survived and functioned after all three falls, but the smaller iPhone 6S saw the most damage after the third drop, suggesting the 6S Plus might be slightly more durable. Watch -- and wince -- for yourself.

But are the new phones sturdier than the previous models? Following last year's "Bendgate" issue with the iPhone 6 Plus, another YouTuber challenged Apple's new aluminum with a series of Hulk-like bend tests on an iPhone 6S Plus. As seen in the video (below), the phone remarkably doesn't bend under the full strength of a guy using both hands, suggesting Apple has succeeded in making the new phones stronger, and the Hulk is still undefeated against steel bars. In fact, it's not until two guys try to bend the phone together that some permanent damage ensues. It's good to have friends? 

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