Stop Your iPhone From Autocorrecting Your Ducking Texts

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If, like me, you enjoy peppering your text messages with excessively colorful language, you already know what a pain in the add the iPhone can be, autocorrecting your missives into complete jibberish. It's a ducking nightmare, honestly. Thankfully, making a few adjustments to your settings will help you curse freely and frequently, without any attempted censorship. Here's what you need to do.

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Screenshot via iOS 9/Shutterstock

Create shortcuts for frequently used words

One of the ways to get your phone to formally recognize specific words that it regularly tries to autocorrect is to create a shortcut for it. Head to Settings > General > Keyboard, tap Text Replacement and hit the plus sign in the top right. This feature ostensibly exists to create abbreviations for longer phrases (for example "omw" for "on my way"), but it can also be used to override autocorrect. Simply enter the vulgarities you want added to your phone’s dictionary in both the Phrase and Shortcut fields, hit save, and bask in your freshly unbridled freedom.

screenshot of new contact page on iPhone 6
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Add unique names to your contacts

To keep your phone from trying to swap out unique proper nouns with nonsense, add frequently used ones as a contact (in the First Name, Last Name, or Company field) without associating a phone number. This adds them to your phone's dictionary, and will both autocomplete and capitalize them once you begin typing.

screenshot of keyboard settings for iPhone 6
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Disable autocomplete entirely

If you'd prefer your phone keep its suggestions to itself, the nuclear option is to disable autocomplete entirely. To do this, go to Settings > General > Keyboard, and tap turn off Auto-Correction.

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Joe McGauley is a senior writer for Thrillist and appreciates autocorrect, if only for it being the reason this site exists.