How to Delete Those Dumb Default Apple Apps on Your iPhone

We all have our own distinct methods when it comes to organizing our iPhone apps, but there is one thing that unites us all: the burning desire to delete those lame, unused default apps Apple won't let you remove. Lookin' at you, Stocks and Tips.

But there's good news! A savvy YouTuber seems to have finally discovered the secret to striking them from your screen.


Here's how to conceal those default apps you never use, or any other ones you simply prefer weren't visible to prying eyes:

  • Create a folder containing all the apps you'd like to ditch
  • Open the folder, and press and hold one of the apps so they all jiggle
  • Drag one app into the blank third page of the folder
  • Without lifting your finger off the app icon, tap the Home button and watch the app disappear
  • Repeat for each remaining app in the folder until the folder is gone

There are a couple things to note here, though. For one, the apps may no longer be visible but you'll still be able to access them with a Spotlight search. Also, apps you hide will unfortunately return to their original position on your screen the next time you restart your phone. Damn you, iBooks!

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Joe McGauley is a senior writer for Thrillist. The only times he's launched the Stocks app have been purely accidental.