How to See All the Random Places You're Logged Into Facebook

Published On 04/29/2016 Published On 04/29/2016
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There are certain things you should never leave exposed to prying eyes: your bank account routing number, your fiscally worthless Beanie Baby collection, and, of course, your Facebook account. We can't help you much if you slip up on the first two. But when it comes to forgetting to log out of Facebook in public places (say, the Apple Store, or your ex's computer), there's an easy way to see where you're vulnerable and log yourself out remotely.

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When you realize you might have left your Facebook susceptible to suspicious tampering, head to Account Settings > Security > Active Sessions on mobile, or Where You're Logged In on desktop. You'll see a long list of locations and devices where your account has been recently active. Once you spot the device in question, tap the X, and it'll remotely log you out.

Don't completely freak out if you see a bunch of unfamiliar login locations. When you're on your phone, the app is pinging off nearby cell towers, some of which may be quite far from where you were actually standing. But still, if you're somehow still logged into your ex's computer in Idaho, close that shit stat.

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Joe McGauley is a senior writer for Thrillist and is not above posting an embarrassing status update if you keep your Facebook open on his computer.



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