How to Silence Never-Ending Gmail Chains

Gmail logo with mute symbol
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We've all been tacked on to an email chain that for whatever reason just refuses to die. Maybe Pam in accounting forgot to move you to BCC (a typical Pam move), or your friend's birthday invite has devolved into a GIF-off of the unfunny variety, or God forbid, you've fallen victim to the dreaded Reply Allpocalypse. Whatever the situation, don't you wish there were an easy way to opt out of the deluge and put an end to the email notifications? Well, if you're a Gmail user, it's time to meet the mute button.

screenshot of Gmail inbox with the mute button selected
Screenshot via Gmail

To quietly remove yourself from the madness (they won't even know you're gone!), open the most recent message in the chain, tap the More drop-down menu, and select Mute. Activating this will silence all subsequent messages in the chain, freeing you from the bondage of Inbox Overload.

If you miss something important it's no big deal because muting a conversation doesn't delete any messages. Simply search the conversation's subject line and it'll retrieve every message in the chain (including ones that have been sent since you muted it). And if you want to opt back in to the chain at any time, it's easy: just follow the same steps above that you did to mute, only this time you'll obviously select Unmute.

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Joe McGauley is a senior writer for Thrillist and frequent user of the mute button.