iOS 9 Trick: How to Put Folders Inside Your iPhone Folders

Cole Saladino

Yo dawg! Are you looking to upgrade your screen and max-out your phone, homie? Are you trying to get folders in folders in folders to save space and turn your life around? Have you been reading this entire article in (X-to-the-Z) Xzibits' gravelly and strangely sensual voice?

Good. That means you are definitely ready to pimp out your iPhone, by gaining the uncanny ability to slap a folder inside another folder with iOS 9.

Now, this isn't an official Apple function -- in fact, it's kind of a glitch -- but we won't tell if you don't. Remember: snitches get stitches, as Xzibit would (probably) say.

Screenshot via Wil Fulton

Step 1

Take the folder you wish to put a folder inside of (confusing, I know -- let's call it folder A) and put it in the upper right hand corner of your screen...where that big red arrow is pointing.

Step 2

Take the folder you wish to put inside Folder A (we'll call that one Folder B) and highlight it till it starts wigglin' around. 

Step 3

This is the only tricky part, and it might take a few tries before you get it right: when all the apps are wigglin' around (because they are scared they will get moved/deleted), keep your finger held down on Folder B, and with your other hand (forgot to mention -- you need two hands to do this), tap Folder A like a goddamn madman. This should put Folder right into Folder A.

Screenshot via Wil Fulton

Step 4: 

Folder B is inside of Folder A! Feel free to bask in your own technological glory, and repeat as many times as necessary. Quick warning: when your phone resets, it often tends to knock the folders apart (though sometimes it doesn't). 

There you have it, dawgs. We'd love to really pimp out your iPhone by sticking a Gamecube inside of an Xbox inside of a built-in mini-fridge stocked with Mountain Dew: Code Red and mount that under an LCD screen on the back of your phone with neon lights and spinning rims and shit -- but unfortunately we are out of time. Maybe next week. 

Wil Fulton is a Staff Writer for Thrillist. He never got his ride pimped. Not even once. Follow him @wilfulton

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