How to Use Multiple Snapchat Filters at Once

Snapchat with multiple filters trick
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Do you know how to use multiple Snapchat filters at the same damn time?! You really should, because it's easy, and you're smart. Here's the deal.

Using multiple filters on snapchat

Step 1: Take a picture or video on Snapchat

You got this. Please tell us you got this.

Step 2: Swipe to your first filter

It can be anything -- from the clock or temperature readings, to a geofilter. Do you!

Using multiple filters on snapchat

Step 3: Hold a finger on the screen

Use your other hand, and maintain contact with the screen. Then...

Step 4: Swipe to your second filter

There are currently three "classes" of filter: middle, perimeter, and whole-screen. You'll notice that if your first filter is from the former group, you'll only be able to access the latter groups for filter #2. (Otherwise, they'd fill the same space, and look like butt.)

Step 5: Place your finger on filter #2, and swipe

BOOM. If you did it right, filter #3 has arrived. Now you've got a filter from all three classes. Nice work!

Bonus: FIVE filters (on videos only)

On videos, you'll have a fourth class of filters available: the ones that manipulate the speed and direction of the video. Repeating the same process, you should be able to apply: one color, one middle, one perimeter, slo-mo/fast-forward, AND reverse. Why? Mostly just because you can.

No matter how many filters you've applied, you can still write text (multiple lines of it, if you want!), draw, and use the free-form emoji. Go nuts. 

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