NASA's Free App Lets You Live-Stream Space on Your Apple TV

We, as tax-paying citizens, dump billions of dollars into the coffers of NASA every year. Ever wonder what exactly it's up to?

Thanks to NASA's slick new Apple TV app, you can cue up a live stream from the International Space Station at any given moment. You can also dig into NASA's archival footage and track satellites. You're welcome, stoners. 

NASA apple tv app
NASA/Oren Aks

The free new app is available to anyone with a fourth-generation Apple TV. Here's all the mesmerizing space action you can now get from the comfort of your couch:

  • Log on to a live stream with real-time views of Earth from the International Space Station
  • Scroll through 15,000 archive images, which you can view individually or as a continuous slideshow
  • Watch 10,000 videos from the NASA archive
  • Get info about when you'll next be able to see the ISS or other NASA satellites pass overhead, based on your location
  • Scope out 2D and 3D tracking maps of satellites currently in orbit
  • Check out the latest NASA intel for current and future missions
If you haven't yet upgraded to the latest Apple TV model (and you should), you're not entirely out of luck. A version of the app is also available for iOS, but let's be honest, space is meant for the big screen. Head to the App Store on your Apple TV to get the goods.

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Joe McGauley is a senior writer for Thrillist and would be more than down to visit the moon, if only to figure out what that smell is all about
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