Why You Should Never Update Your iPhone Overnight

iphone ios installation screen

No matter how pumped you might be to gain access to the latest bells and whistles Apple's packed into iOS 10, there never seems to be a convenient time to quit what you're doing to install it. Going phoneless midday for half an hour while it goes through the reboot? The horror!

Apple, to its credit, understands this and gives you the option to have it automatically install while your phone charges overnight. Pretty damn convenient, eh? Except updating overnight can massively screw you over come morning. That's because running an overnight update could disable your phone's alarm clock.

apple ios 10 update alert
Screenshot via iOS 10

This issue isn't new -- it's been happening since Apple introduced the overnight upgrade option in iOS 9 (that's when it first happened to me and at least four friends). It's also entirely possible that a fix has since been deployed, and you won't have to try to explain to your boss that you overslept because you were trying to install a bunch of new emojis, but a word to the wise nonetheless.

Maybe give yourself a 30-minute digital detox during your lunch break and do it risk-free?

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Joe McGauley is a senior writer for Thrillist and urges you to exercise your civic duty and vote on what emojis we get next.
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