This Transforming Furniture Will Triple the Size of Your Tiny Apartment

For those of us living in crazy expensive cities in apartments that would otherwise register as walk-in closets, finding quality furniture that gets the job done while freeing up precious space is critical. Blessed be IKEA for helping us get this far, but we've got our sights set on something even better: a new smart furniture system that transforms itself from bedroom to living room at the press of a button. Meet Ori.

A collaboration between the MIT Media Lab and Yves Béhar, Ori's modular setups are designed specifically for micro apartments, which are increasingly popping up in crazily expensive real estate markets like New York, London, and San Francisco. You might compare them to modern-day Murphy beds, but make no mistake: they do a whole lot more than conceal a crappy mattress in a closet. 

The company takes its name from origami, since the individual elements of each system -- including shelves, closets, and a bed -- transform themselves into different spaces by folding and tucking into one another. It's not on you to heave walls or slide beds into place, though -- the entire setup is motorized, and you switch things up by simply tapping a button on an external panel, or via the Ori app.

Their first run is available in two sizes: full or queen, both of which are equipped to morph from bedroom, to living room, to closet, to office on demand. Ori is mum on specific pricing details, but they've acknowledged that since the robotics involved are fairly cheap to produce, it will really come down to the quality of furniture and materials you opt for.

The initial units will begin rolling out in Washington, DC, Seattle, and Boston this summer, but you can apply now to get on the list for the subsequent rollouts, which will happen next year. 

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Joe McGauley is a senior writer for Thrillist who sleeps in a very boring non-robotic bed.